10 Outstanding website menu examples for inspiration in 2022

Creating a comprehensive website menu while keeping it clean, modern, beautiful, and usable is one of the most challenging points for the website design process. Website menus are considered one of the essential parts of the website, and it would be a critical risk to the website if it’s done unprofessionally. There are a lot of criteria that would make a better website menu. So getting good inspiration is what you need. We’ve prepared a list of 10 outstanding website menus collected from award-winning websites to help you find the inspirations you’re looking for.

1. Poklonnaya 9

Poklonnaya 9

By Vide Infra from Latvia.

2. Creano


By Creano from France.

3. Aston Currency Management

Aston Currency Management

By Outpost from the UK.

4. Lemon — Interior Design Studio

Lemon — Interior Design Studio

By Evoxlab from Ukraine.

5. added-digital


By added.digital from Sweden.

6. Nike PLAYlab

Nike PLAYlab

By MediaMonks from the Netherlands.

7. Studio Debuut

Studio Debuut

By Studio Debuut from the Netherlands.

8. Evnex


By Not Another from New Zealand.

9. Signum Architecture

Signum Architecture

By Born & Bred from the USA.

10. LeBron James Innovation Center

LeBron James Innovation Center

By Bluecadet from the USA.

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