Best Website Loading Animation

Thanks to the high internet speeds nowadays, most web pages open quickly. In some cases, users need to wait a little while until all the data and pages are loaded. So it needs something to grab the users’ attention and keep them on the site long enough to load all the content in moments like this.

One way to do this is to add attractive loading animations to the site to keep users entertained while waiting for the rest of the site to load. It’s also a good opportunity to start presenting the brand identity with that animation.

This is a list of carefully selected websites in 2021 that have a good example of Website loading animation. Let’s get you inspired.

1. Leroy Merlin Inspirational Mag

Leroy Merlin Inspirational Mag

By Le Studio Digital from France.

2. Moments of Happiness

Moments of Happiness

By EPIC Agency from Belgium.

3. AQM


By SHIFTBRAIN from Japan.

4. Passbase


By Marvin Schwaibold from the USA.

5. Kacper Chlebowicz

Kacper Chlebowicz

By Kacper Chlebowicz from Poland.

6. Nylon Consulting

Nylon Consulting

By The Beaux Arts from the USA.

7. Murren — Interior Design

Murren — Interior Design

By Stepan Web Deluxe from Ukraine.

8. Monotwo


By Monotwo from Lithuania.

9. Black Madre

Black Madre

By Bloquo from Brazil.



By Evoxlab from Ukraine.

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