Top Dark Websites For Inspiration In 2021

While darkness can sometimes be seen as unwelcome, a well-executed dark website can make your business look professional and trustworthy, and instantly give your visitors confidence in your brand.

Whether you’re launching a website for a new project or undergoing a re-imagining of your online identity, a dark website can give you a great foundation to build from, and set you on the path to being a professional and stylish-looking website.

Check out this list of the world’s top dark websites in 2021 and find the inspiration you’re looking for.

1. Studio Mærtens

Studio Mærtens

By Studio Mærtens from Germany.

2. Markis — Digital Marketing

Markis — Digital Marketing

By Ouidesign from Russia.

3. Monsters vs Lawyers

Monsters vs Lawyers

By Art. Lebedev from Russia.

4. Pistonnerd


By Pixelfish from the UK.



By CROMA from Italy.

6. Flamapp


By Jean-Baptiste Thery from France.

7. Scrypt Swiss

Scrypt Swiss

By Embacy from Russia.

8. TC Group Solutions

TC Group Solutions

By Gold from Spain.

9. MOCS: Makers of Culture

MOCS: Makers of Culture

By Brave Factor from Indonesia.

10. Weglot für Deutschland

Weglot für Deutschland

By Refokus from Germany.

12. Deva Mobile App

Deva Mobile App

By UPQODE from the USA.

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