Top Websites With Interactive Animations That You Should See In 2022

Most websites have animations now, but not many have interactive animations. Interactive animations are the big shift for website visitors, it is the difference they will not forget about their experience; Interactive animations can significantly enhance the visual content of a website and the overall quality of the communication between the visitors and the website.

This is a list of carefully selected websites in 2021 that have a great example of interactive animations… Let’s get you inspired.

1. Kaleidoz™ Design Website

Kaleidoz™ Design Website

By Kaleidoz from the USA.

2. Freespee


By Waste Creative from the UK.

3. Iara Grinspun — Portfolio

Iara Grinspun — Portfolio

By Iara Grinspun from Argentina.

4. Moments of Happiness

Moments of Happiness

By EPIC Agency from Belgium.

5. Léo Parpeix — Portfolio

Léo Parpeix — Portfolio

By Léo Parpeix from France.

6. SDU Future Education

SDU Future Education

By Hello Monday from the USA.

7. Melriver


By Melriver from Switzerland.

8. Creative Nights

Creative Nights

By Creative Nights from Czech.

9. Studio Mesmer

Studio Mesmer

By Studio Mesmer from India.

10. viktorsdk


By Viktorsdk from Germany.

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