Winner Sites (Apr 7—14)

Orpetron Web Design Awards continues searching for outstanding sites to create awareness about contemporary design and to honor websites and site creators that have chartered new directions for innovation and create competitive inspirations between websites in the world.

We are honored to present the top sites between (Apr 7—14) that have won the highest score by the Orpetron-WDA jury.

Site Of The Day Winners

Apr 7


Convoy by Convoy from Germany.

Convoy is a Hamburg-based agency that focuses on digital design solutions. We outline, design and develop sophisticated online media and applications for brands and companies.

Apr 8

Likely story
Likely story

Likely Story by Likely Story from United Kingdom.

Our portfolio site. We’re a small brand and digital agency with a big network of talented friends who make nice things with us.

Apr 9


Kinsta by Kinsta from United States.

A carefully designed landing page for a free development tool.

Apr 10


EVOXLAB by Evoxlab from Ukraine.

We are a mix of design, technology and marketing. Our projects are a combination of creativity, trends and traditions.

Apr 12

Evoluzione telematica
Evoluzione telematica

Evoluzione Telematica by Evoluzione fromy Italy.

The digital agency that helps companies doing business online since 1999. A multi-disciplinary team creates websites, e-commerce and web marketing campaigns that are turned into successful digital experiences.

Apr 13

Studio treble ltd
Studio treble ltd

Studio Treble Ltd by Studio Treble from United States.

Studio Treble is a multidisciplinary design practice. We blend technical expertise with an eye for beautiful design, creating work for people who really care about detail and craft.

Apr 14

Prostudio agency
Prostudio agency

Prostudio Agency by Prostudio from Russian Federation.

Website of the full-cycle agency Prostudio. Clean and responsive design, cool presentation of projects, SEO optimisation and more than 95% on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Orpetron Web Design Appreciation Winners

Orpetron web design appreciation
Orpetron web design appreciation

1- Reflektor Digital Website by Reflektor Digital from Canada.

2- by Dan Malone from Ireland.

3- Traktor Ice Hockey Club by Digital Agency Xpage from Russian Federation.

4- Sennep by Sennep from United Kingdom.

5- Exclusive PR Solutions by Exclusive PR Solutions from United States.

6- ThePixelAge by ThePixelAge from Singapore.

7- Sculpture Park «Park 3020» by Esfirum from Ukraine.

8- 4Por4 — Creative Agency by 4por4 creative agency from Portugal.

9- Caelis by Pilot’in from France.

10- Koniku® by FiftySeven® from Serbia.

11- by Story of AMS from Netherlands.

12- Giant Media by Giant Media from Australia.

13- Squaredot by Squaredot from Ireland.

14- TLC Engineering by Big Vision from United States.

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