Orpetron Web Design Awards continues searching for outstanding sites to create awareness about contemporary design and to honor websites and site creators that have chartered new directions for innovation and create competitive inspirations between websites in the world.

We are honored to present the top sites in September that have won the highest score by the Orpetron-WDA jury.

Site Of The Month Winners

1- Lazy Crypto Cats

Lazy Crypto Cats

Lazy Crypto Cats by Artemiy Lebedev from Russia.


Lazy CryptoCats are an NFT-powered community comprised of 3500 uniquely rendered digital collectibles that lazily live on the Ethereum blockchain. We’re a lazy group of art collectors, crypto investors, digital artists, and project founders who spend their days working and discussing the rapidly evolving worlds of NFTs, DeFi, and cryptocurrency.

2- Raffaele Sabella

Raffaele Sabella

Raffaele Sabella by Raffaele Sabella from Italy.


A single place where my projects as a communication designer and my illustrations find a balanced space.

3- Agil Studio

Agil Studio

Agil Studio by type8 studio from France.


There are ideas that appeal and ideas that sell,
sometimes they are the same.

UX Design Appreciation Winner

1- Agil Studio

Agil Studio

Agil Studio by type8 studio from France.


Agil Studio has a new and cohesive design that presents the studio’s work beautifully and attractively and makes the user dive while browsing as if they were on an artistic journey.

Here are some great features about this site, according to the jury:
– Using a custom curser.
– Great typography (font, font size, hierarchy, readability on mobile devices).
– Clickable items are accessible and easy to use, especially on mobile.
– Using an intelligent way to separate the content visually by changing the scroll between vertical and horizontal in the case study pages
– Overall meaningful user journey.

Orpetron Site Of The Day Winners

Orpetron site of the day

1- Studio Mesmer by Studio Mesmer from India.

2- Altimax by Agence Altimax from France.

3- Owlsome Studio by Maja Regula from Poland.

4- MV Studio Design — Portfolio by Matteo Valentino from Italy.

5- Cycles Cavales eShop by Sylvain Borgarino from France.

6- iStrap by Noughts & Ones from the UK.

7- Gautier Maillard — Portfolio by Gautier Maillard from France.

8- Unfold by Cleverclip from Switzerland.

9- Bigbump by Bigbump from France.

10- Irina Gritsay by Irina Gritsay from Ukraine.

11- ARTUA by ARTUA from the USA.

12- Ceramic Tableware by Kate Sakhno from Ukraine.

13- Varpet by Addevice from Armenia.

14- Samuel Scalzo — Portfolio by SamuelScalzo from Belgium.

15- Markis — Digital Marketing by Ouidesign from Russia.

16- Custom Production by Anton Artemov from Russia.

17- Anderson Brothers by Elegant Seagulls from the USA.

18- Mubien by Mubien from Spain.

19- Shop Talk London by Shop Talk London from the UK.

20- Snijders Yachts by PigWorks from the Netherlands.

21- Mickaël Larchevêque by Mickaël Larchevêque from the UK.

22- Bureau Oberhaeuser by Bureau Oberhaeuser from Germany.

23- The Fire of your Life by TMC GmbH from Germany.

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