About us

Who are we?

Orpetron Web Design Awards is a platform that highlights and promotes the world's top websites and honors the best designers, developers, studios, and agencies who boost the web design world.
We are professionals from across the globe who recognize talents and appreciate creativity and innovation.​
We are the blog featuring the latest on web design and development.​

Why do we exist?

As web designers, we know how much it's hard to get the recognition we deserve for our work and how much it's great to shift from local to global to get clients from all around the world. We also know how it's essential to get inspiration while doing any web design project.
We wanted to create a platform that highlights the world's most fabulous websites and spots the best-talented web designers. We also wanted to build a place that drives revolutions in the web design world by making a space for competition between the world's top web designers.​