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Best Page Transitions

Transition animations between pages are a great way to draw website visitors’ attention and effectively enhance the user experience and make it more engaging. Studies show that visitors think of a website as a high-end place when they see a beautiful transition animation between pages. This is a list of carefully selected websites that have excellent examples of well-crafted transition animations. Let’s get you inspired.

1. Miranda — Paper Portfolio

Miranda — Paper Portfolio

By Niccolò Miranda from Italy.

2. Disrupt


By Oui Will from the USA.

3. Liron Moran Interiors

Liron Moran Interiors

By CUSP from Canada.

4. Magnetism


By Magnetism from France.

5. 7h34


By Poignée de main from France.

6. Austin Mayer — Portfolio

Austin Mayer — Portfolio

By Austin Mayer from the USA.



By EVERLAND from Denmark.

8. Martin Laxenaire ’21 Portfolio

Martin Laxenaire ’21 Portfolio

By Martin Laxenaire from France.

9. Actimel


By The Great Agency from the USA.

10. Matthew Fisher

Matthew Fisher

By CUSP from Canada.


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