We continue seeking and spotting excellent web design projects worldwide to create awareness about meaningful, contemporary design and honor web designers who have chartered new directions for web design innovation and inspired the community.

We are honored to announce the top sites of the last month, which will definitely inspire you.

Site Of The Month Winners

1- Health By Habit

Health By Habit

Health By Habit by Synchronized Studio from The USA.


With Health By Habit, you get vitamins that are affordable, fun to take, easy to remember to take — and most importantly, that work.


E-Commerce Animation Colorful Responsive Design Typography CSS GSAP Animation Vue.js

2- The Longest Road Out

The Longest Road Out

The Longest Road Out by Pixelfish from The UK


Discover and explore the beauty of travelling the unique British Isles & Ireland


Culture & Education Animation Graphic design StorytellingWordPress

3- The Manolo Blahnik Archives

The manolo blahnik archives

The Manolo Blahnik Archives by RONIN AMSTERDAM from The Netherlands


The iconic fashion brand Manolo Blahnik celebrates its 50th anniversary with a virtual museum. Check out never-before-seen sketches, behind the scenes, 3D shoe models and more.


Fashion 3D Illustration Web & InteractiveGSAP Animation Vue.js WebGL

Site Of The Day Winners

Museum of Annoying Experiences by Phantom from the UK.
Reign by SERIOUS.BUSINESS from Germany.
Pluto by 14islands from Sweden.
Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia by Gucci from Australia.
EQT Ventures by Immersive Garden from France.
13 Photo AG, Zurich by Pasqi from Switzerland.
Kevin van der Wijst by Kevin van der Wijst from Spain.
Materasso — Hotel CollectionA by PragueCoding from Czech.
Lemkus by Greenbox Designs from South Africa.
Un jour un dessin by Creano from South France.
Humaan by Humaan from Australia.
Miravel by Herman Scheer from The USA.
Esperanto by Robin Noguier from France.
The Hong Kong Design Institute by FirmStudio from Hong Kong.
Wild Fi by hellohello from Uruguay.
screenagers & the incredible machine by screenagers from Austria.
JDG Constructions by Outspoken Entourage from Australia.
Gravity Industries by Ryze Agency from The UK.
Forum Equity Partners by EXECUTIVE from Canada.

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