Top Websites With Scroll-Triggered Animations For Inspiration In 2021

Animations that play on scroll grasp our attention and we soon find ourselves enveloped in the captivating textual content that conforms to our scrolling tempo, All the elements surrounding us are telling an exhilarating, cohesive story.

Scroll-triggered animations are an excellent way to plan users’ journeys, control their movements, and drive their attention to specific goals.

Here is a collection of well-built scroll-triggered animations collected from some of the world’s top websites in 2021.

1. Magnetism


By Magnetism from France.

2. Jomor Design

Jomor Design

By Jomor Design from Canada.


By from Switzerland.

4. fd. — Mobile Interfaces

fd. — Mobile Interfaces

By Fiddle Digital from Ukraine.

5. Get in touch

Get in touch

By Marta Verba from Russia.

6. Ann Designs

Ann Designs

By Anna from the UK.

7. Varpet


By Addevice from Armenia.

8. NXT Process

NXT Process

By fatfish — créations web from Canada.

9. Bewegen


By Locomotive from Canada.

10. Caledonian


By Dgrees from Spain.

11. Disrupt


By Oui Will from the USA.

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